Aleph Joins AC Challengers

News out of Paris today . . .


ALEPH, the challenge headed by Bertrand Pacé and Alain Gautier, has just taken a major step forward. The French campaign’s entry has been confirmed by the Golden Gate Yacht Club. ALEPH is officially a challenger for the 34th America’s Cup. With the backing of the French Sailing Federation, the French challenger has taken on the official mantle of “French Team for the 34th America’s Cup”, and has been re-named “ALEPH-ÉQUIPE DE FRANCE”.

Russell Coutts : “This is fantastic another new competitor joining the 34th America’s Cup.” Jean-Pierre Champion, President of the French Sailing Federation: “It is very satisfying that this campaign which we support has been selected as an official challenger. It is an important step and we are delighted. The entry also means that we can add the title of Équipe de France, as we had promised. Following the French Olympic Sailing Team and the French Match Racing Team, this is the 3rd French Team, and we wish them as much success as the other two French teams!”

BertrandPacé : « Representing one’s country is a huge privilege, and one more reason to be at the top of our game and not disappoint. In line with its strategy, ALEPH – EQUIPE DE FRANCE will continue to bring together French talent focusing on performance-oriented team players.”

AlainGautier : « “This is a moment of pride and emotion for every single member of the team. The team spirit prevalent inthe French national teams of handball, athletics, swimming and more recently the superb French Olympic Sailing Team is a source of inspiration for ALEPH – EQUIPE DE FRANCE: success is built on the strength of a team, both in
individual and team sports”.

ALEPH – ÉQUIPE DE FRANCE is the fourth international team to become an official Challenger for the 34th America’s Cup. The team is hard at work to secure all financial partnerships before March 2011. The new format laid out by the organisation will deliver unprecedented media coverage for ALEPH – ÉQUIPE DE FRANCE’S sponsors.

(*The French Olympic Sailing Team won the 2010 World Cup, and the French Match Racing Team finished second on the World Match
Racing Tour.)

ALEPH – ÉQUIPE DE FRANCE is the official competitive sailing team recognized by the French Sailing Federation to represent France in the 34th edition of the prestigious America’s Cup.

A member of the World Sailing Association which unites potential challengers for the America’s Cup, ALEPH-EQUIPE DE FRANCE distinguished itself in 2009 and 2010 on the Louis Vuitton Trophy circuit, beating the Italians (winners of the Nice event), the New Zealanders (winners of the Auckland event and multiple winners of the America’s Cup), the Russians (finalists in La Maddalena), the Americans (current holders of the America’s Cup) and the talented English.

ALEPH-EQUIPE DE FRANCE aims to combine the experience, enterprise and energy of players at the top level of the French marine industry: sailors, naval architects and engineers to represent France in the 34th America’s Cup in 2013.

The ambition is to build in the long-term a solid and competitive team around Bertrand Pacé (6 editions of the America’s Cup) and Alain Gautier (winner of the Vendée Globe and former team member of Swiss team Alinghi).

Through sensible management, the approach is to enhance the combined intelligence, effort and performance of the
team. The objective is to enhance the image and competence of France. ALEPH – ÉQUIPE DE FRANCE is offering a
humble and ambitious campaign, embraced by the public and proud to fly its colours.

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