Amendment 8

I wonder. Should Emirates Team New Zealand succeed in supplanting Team Artemis as Challenger of Record for AC34—I mean, of course, should the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron succeed in supplanting the Royal Swedish Yacht Club—will they, as representatives of all the challengers, continue the practice they began in Valencia in 2007 of speaking only to journalists from Kiwiland?

I know from reading a Richard Gladwell report in Sail-World that ETNZ has asked the International Jury “to clarify” the order of receipt of the second challenge received following now-retired Malcalzone Latino/Yacht Club of Rome. The issue will decide the proper allocation of Challenger of Record status. As to the state of play, I know only what I get from reading Richard’s report, though I have to admit, ETNZ has not entirely ignored me. There is, for example, the informative bulletin that follows. Note the date. 4/21 4:05 pm
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Emirates Team New Zealand.

This coincides with a busy day.

Only the Defender is having a national Memorial Day this Monday, so there is no impediment to having a competitors’ forum and a discussion of possible changes to the protocol. What my friends in the online forums like to buzz as Amendment 8.

News will ensue.

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