One Valentine’s Day Ago

A year ago today . . .

Photo by Guilain Grenier/BOR

And a few hours later . . .

Photo by Guilain Grenier/BOR

Meanwhile, the usual suspects and the new usual suspects are gathering in Oman for some catamaran sailing in the Extreme 40 class. Artemis skipper Terry Hutchinson writes:

“Over the weekend we ran through some America’s Cup scenarios and checked our race sails. The America’s Cup scenarios consisted of one lap races with four minutes to a lay-line beats. As much as anything, it was just to try to get a feel for what we are getting ourselves into. Later in the day we joined the fleet for more fleet racing. We had a practice regatta with the 12-14 teams and that was good fun.

“The good thing about the fleet racing is that it is very much a college racing style format, which I really enjoy. There is lots of emphasis on getting away clean from the start and good boat handling.

“Communications here in Oman are shockingly bad but I have managed to keep the telephone cord in the computer for the time being.”

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