Peyron Chills

In the Med, 217 miles ahead of second place and 263 miles short of making it back to the start-finish line of the Barcelona World Race, Loïck Peyron did the only thing worth doing in a calm. He went for a dip, while crewmate Jean-Pierre Dick stood watch over the boat and the water. The web is loaded with self-pics, but this one isn’t ordinary . . .

Peyron in the Med, literally. © Virbac-Paprec 3

Dick and Peyron had to thrash their way upwind through the Strait of Gibraltar—in conditions that had them concerned for the boat—but they’re looking good for a first-place finish in a challenging event that Dick won in 2007-08 with Damian Foxall.

So what have you been doing since December 31, 2010?

As for Peyron, along with his equally-celebrated brother, he’ll soon be full-timing with the Yacht Club of France challenge for the America’s Cup. The first four boats are on the water now in New Zealand (15 teams from 12 countries will each have at least one of these trainer cats) looking a lot like this . . .


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