Sail a Small Boat (Day)

Friends, sailing fleets have found new recruits this way—

A busy channel at RYC. Beyond, the tower of the new Bay Bridge rising. Photo KL

It was the annual Sail a Small Boat Day at Richmond Yacht Club, on the eastern reach of San Francisco Bay. With not a lot of wind, but enough to sail and certainly not enough to scare anybody.

The concept is simple. People who own small boats and care about their fleet bring a boat, launch it, and take people for boat rides. Anyone interested in trying out a new kind of boat, or several, can just walk up and ask. The docks were full of friendlies. The waterways were full of friendlies. And it’s something that could be replicated just about anywhere, now, couldn’t it?

There were Hobie friendlies, Laser friendlies, El Toro friendlies, WETA friendlies, you get the idea. I was glad I went, and for once, that’s all I can think of to say.

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