San Francisco Bids (!)

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors today approved a bid to host an America’s Cup match.

The vote, 11-0.

Board President David Chiu opened discussion at 2:27 and gaveled the resolution passed at 2:48.

Mayor Gavin Newsom will sign the Host City Agreement today at City Hall, at the balcony outside Room 200, at 5 pm.

Even former opponent Chris Daly joined the majority in praising the deal.

Representatives of the Port of San Francisco reported that they met at length, following Monday’s Budget and Finance Subcommittee hearing, with Stephen Barclay of the Event Authority. Barclay had made a number of statement to the press in the past week, warning that the city’s bid would not be accepted “in its current form.” The meeting between Barclay and the Port continued to 7 pm and resulted in changes to the bid previously approved by Budget and Finance. The most conspicuous change entitles the Event Authority to invest in AC-involved piers north of the Bay Bridge and receive rent credits to recoup costs.

Though it was not said specifically, it would make no sense for the Port to proceed with its presentation to the Board, unless the Event Authority had given them reason to expect that the bid is now acceptable.

The America’s Cup Event Authority, Golden Gate Yacht Club, and BMW Oracle Racing are obligated under the Protocol for the 34th match to name a venue by December 31. However, they are under pressure from would-be participants around the world to act asap. They had given the city a deadline of Friday to offer a complete bid package.

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