Scrapping in La Rochelle

October 19, 2014 admin

We have a conversation with Dillon Lancaster, skipper of the USA team at the Student Yachting World Cup, representing Cal Maritime.


So It’s, Like, Mid-October

In case you didn’t know , come mid-October, all bets are off for breeze on San Francisco Bay.

Photo by Robin Christol

Jump Seat for Young Hearts

Team Alvimedica is using the Volvo Ocean Race to promote youth heart charities. And this is one way to do it that will get your heart going.


The Volvo Race Adds Cool

Gamers raise funds for albatross protection


US Match Racing Championship to Nate Hollerbach

Nate Hollerbach takes his second US Match Racing Championship title

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Leukemia Cups, Ocean Health, Collective Outrage

“When I discovered sailing, I found my tribe.” Wendy Schmidt

“The forces that are killing the ocean began innocently, but we know too much now to continue as we are. It’s time to share some collective outrage.” Wendy Schmidt


Match and Point

Shall we contemplate this thing called match racing?


Add Foils, Add a Theoretical Future, Stir

By Kimball Livingston Posted September 17, 2014 Want to host a foiling AC45 regatta in 2018, the year after America’s Cup 35? Bidding is now open, but you needn’t sharpen your elbows. The real goal for America’s Cup developers (notice my phrasing) at the moment is setting venues for a racing circuit between now and


50 Years on San Francisco Bay

There is one person who can tell the full story of the Rolex Big Boat Series, in amazing detail, starting from its humble beginnings. It is the man whose idea it was to start it back in the 1960s: St. Francis Yacht Club’s Staff Commodore (1975) Robert C. Keefe, who at the age of 84 has been a member for 65 years and remembers the early days of the then-called St. Francis Perpetual Trophy Series as if it were yesterday.


International Canoes and the Individual Touch

The 19th International 10 Square Meter Worlds are under way on San Francisco Bay. But the class is older than 19 years. Canoe world championships happen every three years, only.


Say What, AC?

G’day. As many of you know, there was a press conference last night (I mean, today) in London (London?) regarding plans for the next competition for the alleged America’s Cup, allegedly held in trust by the Golden Gate Yacht Club of San Francisco. It won’t be appreciated in high places that the SFPD report on the death of Andrew Simpson (the Artemis breakup) went public today too.

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