Explaining the America’s Cup

March 26, 2015 admin

What did your father tell you?


Five in a Row for Cal Maritime

Southern California’s hard-working fleet of Catalina 37s — maintained and matched for the Congressional Cup first of all — serve other regattas too. When the Port of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Yacht Club and California Maritime teamed up in 2008 to create the Harbor Cup, that was the logical go-to fleet. And it serves well.

Now who can crack Cal Maritime’s run?


Pacific Fleet Pounded in Vanuatu

Cyclone Pam has left a trail of destruction across the 65 islands of Vanuatu, dealing damage also in Kiribati and the Solomons.


“Saving Sailing” or a Piece of It

Right about now would be the perfect time for the National Sailing Hall of Fame to honor Paralympic gold medalist Nick Scandone.
I have every confidence it will happen one year or another. What puts the bang in the now is the way in which sailing was dropped from the lineup of events for the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo — and the push to get sailing reinstated. The chorus is strong and the ranks are broad, but there remains a lot of convincing ahead if we’re going to turn the International Paralympic Committee around on this one.


Hello, Young Lovers

It’s such a common phrase, such a common feeling, that we take it for granted. The romance of the sea. Even those who dwell far from the sea are not immune to it. Red sails in the sunset. The very notion of sailing away to paradise. Those who heed the call, those who love the sea and sailing, will not find it strange that a sailor would choose Valentine’s Day to write a love letter to the sport.


United Nations, United Ocean?

Dr. Sylvia Earle, oceanographer, diver, explorer and warrior on behalf of oceans stewardship, was chief scientist at NOAA until she figured out that the job came with a muzzle.


Carrying on Regardless

Sailing out of the Paralympic Games as of 2020?

Take it one day at a time.


Future Sailing: His Name Is Paul

Paul Larsen holds speed records at 500 meters and one nautical mile. It took eleven years and three versions of the weirdest contraption on water. What he’s up to now . . .


an event becomes An Event

The screening of a rough-cut documentary doesn’t always draw a crowd, but —

Then there’s the Wander Bird


Sometimes, You Just Gotta Rant

This photo that ran last week on Scuttlebutt Sailing News caused a stir.

Is this really “us” ?


America’s Cup Legacy: The Good News

There are a few things America’s Cup 34 got right in its public outreach —

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