Aerodynamic Wing Control and . . . Other Stuff

April 23, 2014 admin

Our recent story about Wind + Wing Technology’s prototype ferry wing drew a number of responses, including comments from Oracle Racing Wing designer Tom Speer, noting the advantages of aerodynamic wing control in this and other applications.


Future Sailing – Wind Assisted Ferries

Eventually, someone is going to get “wind assisted” right. Don’t bet against Richard Jenkins. He’s got background, and he’s got mojo.


Under Sail on the Eagle
All 22,000 square feet of sail

Once upon a time I was invited to sail from Portland to San Francisco, on a rather special ship, the US Coast Guard Cutter Eagle. With the Coast Guard Foundation meeting in San Francisco this week, I am called to revisit the memory.


The New America’s Cup Cat

Gino Morrelli says the next generation of America’s Cup catamarans will revolutionize upwind tactics. He foresees the boats foiling through tacks without slowing down. If there is no price for tacking, that’s a new calculus, isn’t it? And that’s only the beginning.


Bob Billingham Celebration of Life

Plans are announced for an occasion to honor “Buddha Bob”


That MUST Go Sailing Feeling

Does it happen to you? And do you have this kind of dedication, you California softies?


Nationality Rules & nationality rules

In the quiet before the storm—counting down to the release of a Protocol for America’s Cup 35—I note that the chatter-flurry about a nationality requirement has died away in the expectation that “something” will be done, even at the risk of consigning a raft of Kiwi pros to the unemployment line. The “we’re a highly international team” bit has not played as well as hoped, and yes, the American team was thin on yanks. In one facet of the big picture, however, a nationality requirement is kinda too bad. Oman is not joining the AC game, but when you look at the strength of that tiny country’s Oman Sail program, and how it is growing grassroots from the seeds of imported talent, there’s a case to be made for international pollination. If that hasn’t worked yet in the America’s Cup, it’s probably because the bar is set so high for Step One.


The Congressional Cup at Fifty

Fifty years ago, it made sense-enough to stage match racing in bring-your-own Cal 40s. Then Long Beach Yacht Club committed to matched sails, to even things out. Now, behind an even bigger commitment, the entire region benefits from having a fleet of foundation-owned, identical Catalina 37s available for other events as well. On-the-water umpiring? Just one of the many things we take for granted today that began at the Congressional Cup. Which goes to say, the golden anniversary of a great one is under way.


San Francisco Bay, Still the Wilder West

Four hundred sixty square miles on the surface at high tide, two trillion gallons in volume, more or less, twice a day, on the exchange of tides, that is San Francisco Bay. And a why-not ethos. As in, why not use kites to power boats? At the Kiteboat Project, the answer is, why not, indeed?


Kelpie of Falmouth Wet and Wetter

Put it in a frame and what is it?

Art, accidental and un? Art, modern and traditional?

A schooner in a plastic tent?


The Billingham Buoy

What would prompt an outpouring of donations for the renaming of a race mark on San Francisco Bay?

It’s good of you to ask, because we have answers.