Catalina Takes a Beating

August 28, 2014 admin

Hurricane Marie in the Pacific off Mexico has been downgraded to the status of a tropical storm. But not before it whacked Avalon Harbor hard.

By Andrea Francolini

Hammo Yes, Hammo No

From Antarctica to Hammo, the whales have come.


No Child Left Dry

Dr. Sylvia Earle’s prescription for engaging the next generation to save the ocean that supports all life:

“No child left dry.”

In her own case, moving to the Gulf Coast of Florida as a child, and later discovering the early films of Jacque Cousteau, opened the floodgates to a passion that just won’t quit. As Earle puts it, the Cousteau footage, “inspired me to want to see fish swimming in something other than lemon sauce and butter.”


The newest round of names now added to the National Sailing Hall of Fame cover a range from Nathaniel Bowditch, who gave the world a new standard of navigation, to Carl Eichenlaub, who gave the world a lesson, and another and another, in how to live and give. As a mechanic, this man kept one after another US Olympic team’s boats working, and he didn’t hesitate to help out the competition, either. Because Carl loved winning, but more than that he loved the game and the people who play it.


Shaken and Stirred?

The announcement that the America’s Cup Challenger of Record, Australia’s Hamilton Island Yacht Club, will withdraw from further participation shook things up and unloosed an avalanche of negative press.

The counter-push is now under way, and it is being led by other challenging teams. Then, reading between the lines . . .


The America’s Cup, Explained

There’s a movie I’ve seen too many times.

Scripts vary, but in movie-talk, the “arc of the story” is the same.

First, there is an America’s Cup match that is riveting, thrilling, inspiring and enthralling to a huge audience. It can’t get any better than this, you think. The sequel will be just as good, meaning great.

Then everything goes to hell.


Aussies Pull Out of America’s Cup 35

The Challenger of Record, Australia, pulls out of America’s Cup 35.

And that means . . .


Manta Hits the Big Four-O

Forty years ago, necessity being the mother of invention, and with necessity calling, the one-design Manta landsailer was born.

Today they’re “everywhere.”

Gilles Martin-Raget

Frosty Defender/Challenger Relations in AC?

Stuart Alexander, writing in The Independent, recounts a weekend meeting in Los Angeles in which the six challengers for America’s Cup 35 laid down a number of peeves.

The lack of an announced venue.

The lack of San Francisco.

The plan to split the venue, possibly between hemispheres.

The lack of an announced PRO.


Match Racing at 212 Degrees

What’s the fastest-growing segment in sailing? Women.

And why shouldn’t match racing get a piece of that?


Chicago Dropped from AC Venue List

Chicago is dropped from consideration as a venue for America’s Cup 35. And the contenders are—

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